ROCCR Crowdfunding now live

ROCCR - the crowdfunding website now live

Fundraising for business has just got that bit easier with the launch of ROCCR.COM.

The world of crowdfunding has been growing over recent years as a great way to raise money for business and fundraising for everything from charities to new albums. Even household names such as Robbie Williams have used crowdfunding for an album in recent years!

So how do you raise money with crowdfunding?

With ROCCR, the free account sign up is the first step. Whether you’re a new business looking for funding, a charity fundraising for a project or an artist or community group trying to put on a production or next album, the ‘creative arts’ is a wide field and we’ve got plenty of ideas to help.

Once signed up, you can register your project with some basic details of the idea and project, the team with a few images and even a video if you have one. If it’s a music project, you can even add links to soundcloud files to show off your demo’s.

Who is ROCCR?

ROCCR is the creation of a team of 3 passionate guys including‘s founder, Steve. Using the power and understanding of technology and protecting cash and customers, ROCCR is being powered by’s platform.

Creating a new crowdfunding site to help businesses kickstart their careers or new album, but includes a wide range of events, projects, new ideas and passions.

Taking on the established model used by kickstarter and crowdcube and others, (even the failed PledgeMusic), the ROCCR model is different in being 100% transparent in costs. We’re also a not-for-profit focusing on delivering the route to help a charity fundraise and crowdfunding for business, all to fundraise safely and with only 2 routes for the money to go – 1 direct to the project bank account or 2 – back to the customer if needed – all held in a third party account, not by ROCCR ensuring total protection and fairness.

Find out more by emailing or signing up for your free account on

ROCCR.COM Crowdfunding for Business and the creative arts