Event Ticketing

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We have made Event Ticketing Easy!

In just a few simple steps, you can be selling online and saving time and money with the chance to increase your sales and exposure online to a growing audience of event goers!

Create your event bookings

Have all the details you need?   We’ll help you create your event page and won’t need any technical knowledge as we’ll be on hand. It is easy to add images, descriptions and pricing information for your event before making your event live and add in extra features you need to maximise your sales.


Launch and share

Share your event URL and start selling tickets to your customers. Add the event URL to  your website, social media and you’re live!.  We’ll also promote your event on justbookitnow.com and our social media channels to help give you extra reach and awareness.  You can monitor sales of your event and get that all-important cash up front!


Manage your event

Take bookings online or over the phone with our easy-to-use box office. You’ll be able to easily manage refunds and re-issue tickets if people can’t find them, run reports and see who’s coming.


Your customers, your cash and your data

You control everything and can download your data when you need it and will have your money from your sales just days after each sale, not post event.

  • Sign up for an account
  • We’ll promote your event AND give you means to promote on your own website and social media
  • You’ll get paid every day after funds have cleared for all your sales!

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