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Guest blogs and latest event news?

Guest blogs and latest event news?

Do you have something to say about events and places to go?   An event with a good story or press release?  An event fan who can share their experiences to help spread the word of great events?

If so, we're inviting you to join us on justbookitnow.com as a guest blogger.  You can do the occassional post, just one or be a regular feature, the choice is yours!

Spreading the word of great events

Help spread the word and share your great experiences of some of the great events that you can book with us on justbookitnow.com

We want to create the genuine place to help businesses, events and event-goers get more information, help and ideas of what is on offer around the UK so why not help spread the word?


If you've got an idea for a theme or just want to add a great blog post, get in touch with us and we will be glad to welcome you to add your posts to the site.