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Frequently Asked Questions

Justbookitnow.com is here to help you get more from your time with a growing collection of days out, events and travel that you can justbookitnow!  Here's some FAQs but if you have anything more you'd like to know, just get in touch on the contact page.

Who am I booking through, justbookitnow.com?

No, justbookitnow.com is a community, a website pulling together events, days out and adventure for you in the UK and you book direct and pay directly with the organisers. You may find some listings do go to an agent but we don't act in that way. We're about doing business fairer for you and our clients.

I want to list my event or business, how do I do that?

Just go to the 'register' at the top of the page and sign up!

I don't have a payment provider, can you do that for us like other ticket agents.

We could but we much prefer helping you get your own account. It is really straight forward for anyone, company or sole trader, to set up and start collecting sales direct to your own account. Sign up and we can help get that sorted for you in a matter of hours.

Who is justbookitnow, where is my data?

Justbookitnow.com is a trademark of Flame Concepts Ltd and we're proudly based in the north west of England in the Lake District. If you sign up to get news alerts or our social media or enter some of our competitions, we only use this to help us tell you about more great events or days out and things to do that you want to hear. We don't spam or sell your data on. If you buy any tickets or make a booking, your data is used only by us for processing the sale but is then passed to the organisers.

When my event is finished, what happens to my listing?

The event or listing will unpublish on the date set when you created the page so won't be visible. If you have other events, you can find these under 'my listings' when you login.